9u Red Team

Logan Choe

Brody Bowen

Ariel Hever

Andrew Salek

Mahlik Wethers

Fabian Ruiz

Jagger Saul

Aaron Horng

9u/10u White Team

James Beckwith

Nicolas Simmons

Jonathan Torres

Giovanni Puchalski

Christian Scott

Samuel Siapno

9u (3rd) Team Page

Welcome To The 2017-2018 Elementary 9u Red Page. On this page, we display basic information regarding your team such as rosters, pictures and more. It is also the place for new players to complete their team registration (see below) to secure your Roster spot, Purchase a uniform, & pay any applicable seasonal dues.

"WET" is a highly discipline program enforcing respect, dedication, and playing hard. We teach and build serious basketball athletes and relationships in a positive environment mixed with serious coaching and high expectations.."

- Brian Wethers